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Since it's butt-cold outside right now (think -0C every day, -8C at night) it makes washing the car pretty difficult. As a result you do what you can to find the best solution. We've been messing around a bit with a few places to find one that's best, and here are two I've tried. The first one is in an older building but the entire thing is enclosed. They didn't have warm water for the wash buckets though.

PROS: Entirely indoors, reasonably priced foam cannon, separate areas for wash/dry.

CONS: It gets pretty misty indoors when all the wash bays are occupied, lots of people go so it gets crowded and you feel rushed, narrow alleyways in the building have some blind corners, and the water for the wash bucket wasn't warm.

The second place that I went to last night was not entirely inside. You wash your car outside and then move your car inside to dry. I went later to this one rather than during the day to avoid the rush of people who wash on the weekend.

PROS: The indoor "dry/vacuum" area was actually pretty warm. It's run by folks who seem to be enthusiasts, they were interested in the car. All of the pressure washers had attachments for your own foam cannon which was cool (most places don't.) They also have their own store so if you forgot something you can buy it right then and there instead of going somewhere else. Ultimately it's a clean place and I think this is the one I'll be going back to.

CONS: Foam and water are expensive. $3 for 3 minutes for water, $3 for 90 seconds of foam. Wash area is outside (but covered) so in super cold weather it makes you want to rush a bit while cleaning.