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January Shop Visit

January Shop Visit

Since it's been so unbearably cold recently I haven't done much other than just drive the car when I have to! Since I had a day off on Monday I met up with some other M2 friends and we visited our friend's BMW performance shop. None of us had plans to do any work there, just visit and see how things were going, but one of the guys decided to buy and install Ohlins + 10mm spacers right then and there LOL. Ohlins pricing in Korea is more expensive than in the US, but labor+spacers were thrown in for free so all in all a pretty good deal!

First things first, an oil change. We feel it's better to get it done at an independent shop than at the dealer because while our cars are covered under warranty and supposedly include free oil changes, we don't get that at Korean dealers we still have to pay! So might as well do it ourselves....

He also just recently installed an Active Autowerks exhaust, so he wanted it adjusted a little bit while it was on the lift.

At the same time the shop was getting ready for a tire mounting machine and wheel balancer so they were in the process of moving everything off of the wall so they would have room for it, as a result the shop was a mess LOL

Around this time we were talking our friend into buying Ohlins, he went from never wanting to change the suspension to handing over his credit card in about an hour. LOL

Finished product!

So this is a moderate drop with 10mm spacers on all 4 corners. I think it totally changes the look of the car and makes me excited for when I install Ohlins on my M2C. I'm currently waiting for my wheels to come in and when they do I'll be installing my Ohlins as well!

As an aside, I had the distinct pleasure of filling up on the Korean economy

.....At the equivalent of $5.55/gallon. Yikes!