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**Update from first track day**

I was very impressed with the suspension. First off, when I cranked up the shocks to the TCK recommended settings the setup was WAY stiffer than the street settings. I really didnt expect such a dramatic change. On the street the thing rides like a cadillac - honestly. Track settings on the street are very twitchy and you feel every road imperfection.

On the track it was excellent. I think if it was a dedicated track car I would run the higher spring rates but that is just my preference. I was on stock wheels running 245/265 R888Rs, and the grip was awesome. Turn in was precise and to be honest, not much understeer. Just the right amount of oversteer on the exit but the car really hooks up nicely and elicits that "fun" feeling.

Personally, Im not used to a track car with this much power anymore, so I couldn't do better than a 2:37.9 but I was also running OEM brake pads (ATe 200 fluid) so I was adding 50-75 ft of braking. I will add a couple of videos in a moment.

Suspension worked exactly as I hoped, no issues with setup. Highest marks from me.

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