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Great info on this thread. Wondering how the TCK setup is working out for Malakas?
I was waiting for my first track day to post up about them, but so far on the street... they are A+. As I have said in earlier posts, TC Kline responds to calls and emails directly which is a huge help. Everything was sent and looked extremely high quality. There were no issues with install and we used the setup instructions for shock settings and alignment that TCK gives you.

Right now on the street I have the track alignment and street shock settings (because I didnt want to pay for an alignment twice with the track day coming up)....

The ride quality on street shock settings: compared to OEM is much more comfortable. It soaks up bumps like you would not believe. I lowered the car an inch so thats the only concern on city Houston streets, but the ride is great! And still when you turn the car in, the handling is amazing. I went with the softer springs, so there is a touch of body roll (less than oem) but its progressive and you feel the tires load up.

I've been playing in some corners too with suddenly giving the car more steering input to see if it would elicit any bad responses... none. Tons of grip on stock Super Sports.

R888R going on this week and COTA track day in 2 weeks - so will crank up the shocks to track settings and report back.

That's a darn good review for TCK! Have fun at COTA and please do post some updates afterward!