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Originally Posted by Malakas View Post
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Haha yea man those arent noisy i know that. My buddy has the SA
Sweet I just ordered.

To close up this thread, I made up my mind to go with TC Kline because I wanted a setup for a few track days that I could also daily drive. TCK himself responded to all my (likely dumb) questions which I thought said a lot, even on the weekend. Further, he owns a M2C and tracks/tests everything he sells.

In reading other threads, people are sometimes unhappy with their spring rates and the various settings on these trick suspensions.... so in this case, I thought there was an advantage (or at least, lack of a headache) because TCK has already tried it and has the best setups mapped out.

Kit is in the mail... will report back.
Great info on this thread. Wondering how the TCK setup is working out for Malakas?