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Originally Posted by ///M TOWN View Post
.9 cents a Kilowatt.

You do your own math.

It's more than a wash, it's a gain.
Doing the math without the details is impossible. Somehow I doubt it's a gain, but again, without the numbers it will be impossible to prove or disprove. Either way, if it's about money, then you have to consider everything, including the purchase price of your electric car and all related costs as well (insurance is typically a big one) including taxes, tags, etc...

I have a friend who tried to tell me that he saved money by buying his Model 3 because he pays less for electricity than he does for gasoline. But then I pointed out the fact that his cash outlay for the Tesla will never even allow him to break even, much less gain, unless he keeps the car for more than 15 years. At that point, he might be able to save some money. The calculation considered all factors and used average/projected costs of fuel for both vehicles as just one of the factors.

Most people just don't look at the big picture and when they finally do, they realize that they probably aren't saving money with an electric car. Yes, the fuel cost is cheaper, usually by 1/2 to 1/3 for electricity vs gasoline, but fuel is just one consideration.