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Originally Posted by medphysdave View Post
Originally Posted by Evil///M View Post
I'm really debating between the CS or an R8.
Man, tough call. New R8 or used? I believe if I were a true 2 seater shopper, then the CS would not be a candidate for me. Too many fun sports cars to choose from. I love the look of the R8. With that being said I probably wouldn't get one myself as I see it as more of a Grand tourer. I've never driven one, so that's speculation at best. If shopping new R8 territory, then I'd be looking at a used Huracan. My forum sleuthing seems to show them as being quite reliable. The GT3 is a super drivers car, but interior was blah for a DD and roads would need to be nice in your area. I'd probably try my hand at a GT4, or get a Supra to modify. I'm done with GT cars. They are quick and comfy, but the weight always seems to be present. I want that nimble, tossable , light on the feet feeling.
Which GT cars would you have on your list at the M2CS price range? $80-100USD?

Just curious as I'm a huge fan of GTs and that is my only contender between M2 it something else.