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Originally Posted by flybigjet View Post
I've been mulling a 2020 v. 2021 M2C. The two thoughts were A) potential changes and B) more time go "get things right" for small design errors on the car.

And then I thought-- "Screw it. I'm not getting any younger." And, I intend to keep the car pretty much forever.

So, waiting to hear back on pricing from a few dealers, then will place an order on a 2020 M2C.

I'm already looking at mods/parts!

I like your philosophy! I've been thinking about the exact same thing if I decide to pass on the CS. I honestly believe they have all the design issues figured out. This generation of the 2 series and the M2 has been out for awhile now. Also the fact that it uses the M3/M4 parts, it's pretty stable.

The only thing that sways me to wait for 2021 is the possible inclusion of adaptive suspension and maybe some merino seats. But not holding my breath for this to happen.