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Originally Posted by 86Zed View Post
A bit odd that the Z3M and Z4M are left out of these conversations regularly, especially given the lauded S54 and coupe platforms.

Truth be told I haven't had a go in a modern M car since the original M2, and the electronic steering needed work to match the hydraulic steering rack feel.
My opinion on this...

i especially love the Z4M Coupe (Z3M not so much)----but the reason why they are left out is that they simply don't represent the idea of a car that kicks total ass AND is able to transport kids, family, and be an 'only' car that has the capability of being practical enough.

I do realise the M1 is the 'original' M car, however for all intensive purposes the E28 M5 was the REAL full production M car and it was a family sedan hiding a heart of a wolf. Before that it was the (PRE-M) 3.0 CSL, 2002 Turbo, E12 M535i---all of which were also very practical cars that could be used as 'family cars'.

When i think of the greatest M cars, for me they have to serve that dual purpose. It's what characterizes the 'greatest' M cars.
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