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Originally Posted by bagekko View Post
I had driven my M5 or another car for 2 weeks straight, hadn't driven the M4 and was eager to use it. Took the M4 this morning and before I reached work I was like meh. The V10 engine is just intoxicating nothing compares. Even though the M4 handles so much better, I'd rather be in the M5, unless its a nice top drop day.

Sad that the future is cars without a truly soulful engine.

Originally Posted by SleepingBMW View Post
E60 M5, 1999 F1 derived V10, perfect dynamics , very comfortable, amazing stereo, sounds stunning.
There is no doubt the M4 is faster, likely the torque, a bit of the weight, a lot of the new tires vs the trash run flats the M5s times were recorded on.

However the M4 has squirrelly bouncy rear suspension that imo, makes it slightly worse for us amateur track day goers.

I Like them both, but like you, I'll take the M5 and V10 as long as I can keep it going. Excellent easy to drive track machine, and it really does Keep up with the M4. Fantastic M car.

If only we had a chance to see the cancelled competition version with the supercharged V10.