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Talked to my contacts at the dealer and its going to be a slow roll out since its so many cars. He sent me a communication but its internal only, but basically its saying the customers will be notified and that we can do an update to the BMW Assist to get it working again, but it will take some time to show for all cars.

It applies to all MY2019 and MY2020 that included it Free for one year when bought or that was purchased by the customers after delivered.
I take MY2016-2018 are not eligible for free access to CarPlay?
My old M2 was MY2017 and didn't have the necessary hardware to do Apple CarPlay so some cars won't be eligible because of this.
There are ways around.

Fit the wifi aerial to the head unit and activate carplay (without connected drive, the official unofficial way) and with various hacks/patches on the internet.