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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
To me , this whole Ferrari situation is suspicious !
FIA has to wake up ! *Why* was there more fuel required in the Ferrari ?
50K Euro's is like peanuts for Ferrari anyway....
I'm guessing you're being a little cheeky there when you ask why was there more fuel required

Just wanted to point out that Ferrari drained the tank after the race and showed that they had the same amount left in the tank as the amount they overfilled with before the race. Effectively, they were carrying dead weight during the race.

Even if they had used the extra fuel, they would have been caught by the FIA mandated fuel flow sensors. So unless they have some sort of setup to circumvent that, then this was truly an miscommunication error that led to this mistake.

I know Ferrari had been accused of having such a system implemented in the past (around Monaco last year IIRC), but an FIA investigation deemed everything was legal. If memory serves correct, the FIA had Ferrari install a second fuel flow sensor to be sure the original one wasnt being bypassed or tricked.