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Also for those checking #s, check from the manufactures quarterly reports. Not random graphs that say "this is based off an estimate of...."
I used the SEC filings, not that you would know how to do proper research.

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Firstly I never said bmw doesn't refund deposits. So you must have misinterpreted what I said.
Secondly, if you feel as though people shouldn't compare the two companies, maybe you shouldn't make statements comparing them. Bmw has lost its way, for sure, but if you think think Tesla has some special formula for designing exciting cars, I am sorry you are wrong. The only things that are impressive or exciting about Tesla today are things that are inherent to electric cars. Once real established car companies start making electric cars, Tesla will have nothing, maybe a range advantage, But is that exciting? Or is it the instant acceleration that's exciting? Cuz it's not the fart noises or auto pilot crashes that excite me. Tesla is subpar to top european luxury brands period. That being said, Elon is a beast and his intellect is the only reason Tesla has made it this far. However he is a blessing and a curse. For obvious reasons. So don't mis interpret my disdain for blind Tesla followers for a dislike of Elon musk.
Oh really? Who's twisting their words AGAIN in this thread.

Secondly, You are the one who is scared to compare the Companies, not me.

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Which BMW Model has 200,000+ individual deposits on it - much less, in 100 hours?
Every model would, if BMW wanted to let people put $100 refundable deposits down. There would easily be millions of 3 series deposits alone, go somewhere else with that Tesla garb.