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Originally Posted by RacletteMan View Post
My experiences may be anecdotal but I fully agree with what you said. Lowering springs will absolutely destroy stock shocks. The only viable solution is to find shocks that are designed for lowering springs. Bilstein does this, but they don't make them for the M2.
My issue has always been (across several brands) finding coil-over's that ride softer than stock (without being under-damped), even though they lower a bit. And the weird thing is that we're not talking about dropping 2" here, usually 10 to 15mm in the rear, and 15-25mm in the front (that pesky front gap is almost always larger). But it's super hard to find such a thing, and by ALL accounts the M2 needs such, with the stock suspension being unnecessarily crashy for only the sake of "feeling" more sporty.

I don't mind dropping $2K on coil-overs as opposed to $500 on springs, but there just doesn't seem to be a clear winner here. The only thing I know for sure is NOT to go with BC Racing, as they believe EVERYONE wants to race their car, and offer nothing but terrible street rates.

15-25mm never caused so much damn trouble as it does in lowering.