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I do believe the car turned slightly better with the 275/35-18 tires in rear, on 18x10 wheels. Overall diameter bit lower than stock, but noticed the grip on power was somewhat limited (this on a B-Street setup). The 285mm rear tire on 19" wheels certainly put the power down well, and I don't feel the power delivery is hurt due to the slightly taller tire, but we have some fairly open courses here. Small tighter courses, yeah, I would throw on the 275mm tires all around. Having spare wheels and tires I can swap depending on event or course, so that's nice. Yes, did the knuckles, and it was noticeable, until the front tire edges got worn down some, then it was awful again. I ran fairly full tread front tires at the last event, big course, grippy concrete. Even with lots of front camber, and 275mm tires on a 18x10 rim, I was surprised how significant the wear pattern was on the tread face, and that was with probably 3.5 deg neg camber. These cars really eat front tires up fast on camber.

It will be hard to put wider than 275 tires in front, at least on 18x9 wheels. Again, the attraction to a Street Touring type class allowing a wider wheel! I might even look at a 265mm front tire on 18x9 wheel for next year, just so the tire is less pinched. Not sure if sidewall rollover will be much better with a 265 vs. the 275 though.

Still, I gotta admit the car is super fun to drive with front camber, wider front wheels/tires. The smile on my face lasted for days. As for power, the car is adequate, but in Street Touring I think you can do a piggyback like the Dinantronics Sport Tuner, for $250, get a very noticeable bump in power and torque in the mid range/lower end.