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I would call the special sales department. They told me which boat, when it would be put on the boat and the estimated day of port arrival. I dropped mine off 9/13 and it is being put on the next Olympian Highway out of Bremerhaven. BMW told me it would be boarded on October 8th but after tracking the boat, it is estimated to return to Bremerhaven today or tomorrow. So it is looking like I will also be on the 8+ week side

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This is my worst nightmare. Did anyone else have any damage during transport, and/or is some sort of damage considered normal during transport??? Visiting family in Phoenix now, and one of my relatives is from Germany - shes been telling me horror stories about the 3 separate times her 1995 318i has made the trip across the Atlantic...

I dropped mine off at the Munich airport BLG drop-off PN October 9th, and hoping Im one of the lucky ones whose gets on a ship sooner than later. There were 2 other M2Cs whose German plates had expired nearly 2 weeks prior... so hoping that means the next truck was coming soon.

You guys think its worth emailing them earlier than the 10 days they seem to quote everyone, including me?