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Originally Posted by Megator View Post
Umm why buy these discs?

If you have the 2NH option (which you need as these disks are seemingly designed for the 6 piston brakes and not the 4 piston brakes) then these discs will do very little but be lighter because they are smaller (400 vs. 380mm dia).

They also won't let you run 18s as the caliper will still be in the same place and this is what limits the wheel dia sizes.

If you track your money would be better spent on fluid, pads, and brake cooling (revzo sport or BP engineering for example) than these disks.

Also RBs high temp dust boots are not worth it. I did it to my previous car and they started cracking after the 3rd track day (could be due to the OEM pads having sticky backings though).
With these discs from you are getting another adapters for calipers, that means it moves inside and you can fit some 18" (not many, but some). And tell me more about that how you need 400 mm dia discs in front on car like M2 Comp... Thickness is much more interesting. If you dont have 2NH option, you get 380x30 and you can fit some 18" wheels, I have 2NH option and with Racingbrakes rotors in size 380x36 I have higher thickness, better caliper and can fit 18" wheels, what do you need more, it has just pluses? And if I won't be happy with rotors from RB, I can get 380x36 from my producer of rotors (who supplied me for my last track car), who doesnt have 400mm available

Fluid, pads and lines already solved, only problem was with pads, because I wasnt that happy with Endless ME20, which most of people are finding hardcore, but stock rotors would crack as a nut with brake pads i wanted, so I hope I can use them with RB rotors and can get rid of ME20, which are the max you can use with stock drilled rotors

Better cooling of brakes is not necessary right now, it's not overheating, will see in the future. BTW BP or similar under car cooling is not needed for M2comp, because it has straight pipes to wheel arch / wheel trims (dont know how it's called), you just have to put brake disc duck and a flexi hose, nothing more.
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