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Originally Posted by M2Cnme View Post
Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am referencing the excellent post by BMWGUY11 In that post, he carefully outlines each of the steps to track production status and following your car's progress.

The only thing I have been able to do is track the production status on the official BMW site, and it currently says that the carrier has been assigned. No where in the tracking was I able to see any of the production status codes except the first one which I got from my SA. Even though codes were informative in his explanation, I have not been able to find them anywhere.
What I am I missing?
They don't use the status codes on the MyBMW tracking web page. Some of their status descriptions will match up to the various status codes, but they don't use the numbers on the web page. They also simplify the steps displayed so you won't see every single step corresponding to all the status codes.

It's been this way forever. The new website is much better, showing more steps (16) compared to the old site (6 or 7).