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Originally Posted by gfisher99 View Post
I have the before pictures that show there was some damage in the typical spot below the large opening on the front from previous scrapes. I even had the sales guy text me some pictures to see the true extent since the pics on the dealer site weren't close enough. That "damage" is mysteriously painted over now.

Small claims seems like a lot of work unless I could get on Judge Judy

Will PM.
I take ppl to small claims court all the time. I think I've done it 3-4 times in the last year. Ppl like to f*** me over and I don't like being f***ed over. Where I live it ranges from ~$125-175 to file a claim. Then I take an hour or two out of my day to gather my evidence and prepare what I'm gonna say and all that. Then I go in and explain it all to the judge. I haven't lost one yet.
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