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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I switched from a heart surgeon (??) to a female endo as my primacy care about 20 years ago. I went in and it was a WOMEN'S endo clinic, and this Dr. was Hispanic but loved to wear fancy hats in the office.

So, she had to leave the exam room, and left my chart there. Not being interested in ANY of the reading material, I went thru my chart. Initial description included "extra-ordinary musculature development" I was happy that a medical put that in there She walked into the room as I was reading the chart and turned the rosiest shade of red's funny catching them in the act!

This one I had wasn't the least bit shy though. It did make me think how would someone react if the roles were reversed in today's society. If I were to make any of those comments especially to someone I had just met even if I thought they knew it was all in could be a different story!
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