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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
That an insane amount of weight to drop given your current physique, but it gives me some motivation haha. Im constantly going between losing weight and gaining weight. I'll cut and drop to 190 or so, but then I'll feel small and eat big and be back near 200 by the end of the week lol. Viscous cycle, I just need to dedicate myself to the cut and get after it *sigh* lol.
Yeah.....same here. Last year I started cutting around 195 or so...and ended up at 178 somewhere in the 6% range. But I think I depleted myself too much as after 3 days of eating whatever I wanted, I was back up almost 5lbs and looked fuller than ever.

This year I'm hoping to see the 6% range and still be about 185lbs. So it's about a 15lb drop +/- 1-2 lbs.

I really need to get my bf checked. I carry fat pretty evenly, so I can see my abs at a higher % of bf.

But I weighed 202 yesterday morning and can still almost see all of my abs.

I Had an older nurse who was crazy, and I bet a handful in her younger days! She was joking with me the entire time I was in there.

She asked me to remove my shirt for my ECG test, turned around and said..."Oh My".

She then told me that if I got any strange looks from the women outside the room when I was because she was thanking them for letting her be the one to give me my exam.

I was almost rolling on the floor from laughing so hard.
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