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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Typically an hour at the longest without counting the HIT Cardio I do for warming up.

In the next month or so I start transitioning over to more intense cardio work, so time in the gym goes up.

Right now I'm sitting on average about 202lbs (Had physical yesterday)...but staying between 11%-12% BF.

Once I start up the cardio...I tend to drop weight fast and since I'm short...the "Little Guy Syndrome" starts to creep into my mind!!

Last year I hit the beach leaner than shit in the upper 170's. This year I hope to do the same thing...but be in the mid 180's as I kept my diet in check and seem to have made some pretty decent progress.
That an insane amount of weight to drop given your current physique, but it gives me some motivation haha. Im constantly going between losing weight and gaining weight. I'll cut and drop to 190 or so, but then I'll feel small and eat big and be back near 200 by the end of the week lol. Viscous cycle, I just need to dedicate myself to the cut and get after it *sigh* lol.