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Originally Posted by jhall1957 View Post
So, beautiful car and great build! But, it seems like you are focusing on "Go fast" stuff and nowhere do I see anything about safety gear being added. Are you adding fixed back seats, harnesses, roll bar/cage, fire protection, etc?

After doing years of HPDE's, instructing and racing, these are the first items I add. Learn to drive a slow(safe) car fast and you will be that much faster and better in a super fast car.
Not to be rude, but have you read the hole tread? There is some pictures from the build including pictures from the install of seats and cage.

The first thing I consentrated on was chassis and brakes (to me it is the most important) then seats, cage, 6 point harnesses++. The only thing missing is a fire extinguisher, but I will add that soon.

I have been racing Superbikes for 15 years so I had some speed in me when starting this project, but like you said I started slow and I progressed quite fast. So now I am consentrating on making the car a little faster in a straight line to be able to keep up with the faster cars on the straight, in the corners ang braking zones I allready keep up.