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Originally Posted by doug_999 View Post
Actually, much harder to make something like the M5 -big car that needs to perform on par if not better than a focused sport car like the M2c.

I get that it might be tricky to not take market share away from something like the M4, alas, if one is truly looking for the "fastest" or "quickest" car, it is not the M2C or M4, it is something different (think Italian starting with A).

At the end of the day, the M4 buyer is most often looking for something different than the M2C - because if they wanted a true track car made by BMW, then nothing beats the M2C and yes, they should not have detuned it, that's bunk. But you know marketing people....
I mean its not just the M3C crowd that gets butthurt that the M2C is basically the same performance, its _every_ car in the lineup. All you have to do is read the threads about M240i vs M2. The M2 owners immediately get butthurt when the topic comes up.

I'm bummed that they detuned it but I'm hoping its not rocket surgery to get us to M3C tune levels at which point this car is going to be even more awesome