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Originally Posted by doug_999 View Post
It means that with a .02 second difference on a 2 minute course, with multiple variables, the differences in times are not statistically significant.
I never said it was statistically significant. I said the results are the results and that they're only a single data point. That's a pretty reasonable and measured way to approach these results, if you ask me.

Besides, who here has computed the p-value for test data they don't even have access to. We don't even know how many laps they turned.

On this circuit, on this day, the M2C was very close in performance to cars like the M3C, 718 S, and TT RS. That is as much as anyone can say, and this thread isn't exactly overrun with people breathlessly proclaiming the M2C's superiority. Everyone has been pretty measured when interpreting the results... With the exception of a few individuals who can't seem to stomach the fact that the M2C might be close in performance to their M3C.

Now I understand why it's so hard for BMW to make a car like the M2C.
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