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Originally Posted by landapanda View Post
Sounds like your uncle is costing you your kids 529 plan. There better be some money on the line next time you line up! After that it's all about weight savings, tossing out the rear seats, bucket seats up front a some more aero up front and in the back.
Hahah, yeah. It’s a “good excuse” to blow money on fun stuff. I love the car, and I plan on keeping it for a long while, so that helps “justify” some of the fun.

Plus, it’s such a great DD, and I plan on keeping it that way. No aftermarket sway bars just Dinan coilovers bc they’re softer than other options, no loud intake & exhaust mods, no weight stripping or aero, etc.

He’ll inevitably beat me when he decides to go extreme, or shows up with a GT3. Then, I’ll have to get him in a real race car so we can have a skills battle.