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Originally Posted by landapanda View Post
Zack - curious of what drove you to try a different tune and what your general feedback is on the stage 4 Dinan in terms of daily drivability. I find myself getting into plenty of trouble with the first two gears with the base engine. Does Dinan five the ability to turn down the boost for daily driving? Good luck with the sale!
Hey Peter.

Your biggest issue with the first two gears are those Conti's. I ran Stage 1 with the Dinan tune (+31hp & +31ftlbs) for a while with both 265 PSS and 285 PS4S. The 265's handled it fine, the 285's were a little more than what was needed.

You can't adjust boost by gear with the Dinan tune, just overall boost target. Each stage higher adds about 3/4-psi more to the target.

My main reason for switching is I have an annual track battle with my Uncle that is turning into an arms race. He has a Turner Motorsports prepped, supercharged E93 M3 (yes, the heavy convertible). 640hp with full aftermarket struts, springs, bars, and F&R BBK.

He beat me two summers ago when my car was relatively stock and I was on a 265 square setup. I came back last year with Stage 4 and a 265/35 & 295/30 setup and beat him. He was not happy!

A lot of my win was down to more rubber in the rear, and I could put more power down quicker than he could (he was on a 275 square setup). Knowing he learned that lesson, he's going to fix that issue, plus make other tweaks. So, I'm in the process of essentially "max'ing" out my M2.

The BM3 tune is giving me a little more power & a decent bit more torque. 285s were good enough for Dinan Stage 4, but now I'm spinning tires with half throttle in 2nd gear with BM3. So, I'll probably need to go 295/30s on the street for more traction. And, the daily drivability of either Dinan or BM3 is great, and makes the car a lot more fun, IMO.

The Dinan tuner is good for what it is: an adjustable conservative tune with more power, and a warranty. I'm now exposed with BM3 if my engine blows, but with Dinan, they cover it.

Anywho, she's up for grabs. So, if anyone local wants it, let me know.

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