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Originally Posted by F87 M2 View Post
Regardless of what country you're in or the type of car deal you've received, these issues need to be brought to the attention of upper management. Unfortunately, being a patient customer does nothing to light a fire in someone who is incompetent or lackadaisical.

Hopefully, a new contact person will be assigned to see things through. Be tactful, but firm, in your requests. Once things are going the right way, I would again make the request to not wash the car or drill the front license plate at the time of delivery.

As for the bank, provide a trail that you've been working with the dealership to resolve and expedite the process. Worst case scenario, you can refinance with another financial institution and still get a decent interest rate.

Good luck!
In regards to the bank, they've been very understanding up to this point. Of course refinancing is always an option but when I refinance it will be as a used car at a higher rate than the 2.5% I'm paying now.... Why should I be penalized for the mistake of others?

I have to drop my customs paper off at his office today so I'll be asking who his supervisor is and escalating the situation.

Originally Posted by pz619 View Post
Is your dealership in Korea or the US?
Dealer is in Korea, but they're in the niche market of bmw mil sales.