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Meth will not help at all, if anything it makes engine hotter, because octane improves and IAT decreases so engine keeps pushing.

I myself did track on similar condition a few times, bigger turbo or stock. I believe the humidity was even higher in my area and heat index (feels like) is 122+F. There was no heat soak (oil, coolant, IAT) issue whatsoever, the needle stayed dead in the middle however hard I pushed. Only thing my brake was hot like hell, you can hardly stand next to it even after a cooling lap...

The key to keep engine cool is 1) Less boost 2) Less back pressure 3) Richer afr (Dinan does that) 4) Higher timing ignition (helps EGT).

I also suspect Dinan intercooler can be part of the root cause. I have no doubt it cools IAT well thanks to the dual core design. But the dual core 'block' the air moving thru so the radiators behind it gets less cooling as a result.
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