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N55 Extreme Engine Cooling

Hey guys.

We all know the packaging and cooling system shortcomings of the OG M2, vs the M2 Comp and S55. Altho, these shortcomings tend to not appear until you're really pushing the car on track.

I'm running the Dinan Stage 4 setup (turbo, piggyback, Dinan IC) and CSF cooling pack (radiator, DCT, oil) and experienced some pretty high temps at my last track day.

Max temps:
Ambient - 107F
IAT - 161F
Oil - 266F
Coolant - 253F

This was an open track day and I was running with slicks, AP racing brakes, all the Stage 4 goodies, and pushing the car hard for 40min runs, so I'd say this is an extreme case for the M2.

The car starts to pull power above 242F coolant and will go into emergency cooling mode around 257F coolant. I was getting significant power pulled, so I'm searching for more engine cooling capacity.

CSF said they're working on a larger radiator, but it requires an AC delete due to the M2's packaging.

Do you guys have any ideas or other solutions? Thanks.

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