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Originally Posted by SeanWRT View Post
As a flash tune user, I'll say first, JB4 is great for m2, when properly used.

Coming out factory in a higher state of tune, M2 N55 is by far the all time least rewarding tuning platform in BMW turbocharged era.

M2 factory DME implements a few extra safety measures at higher rev ranges over normal n55, which is not necessary by "aftermarket tuning" standard but many flash tunes in the market today fails to properly adjust. By contrast, Piggyback circumvents these top end safeties by not letting it see the real boost, from which you'll see gains.

There is no m2 specific JB4 firmware available, nor is BMS trying to make one as it seems. As calibrated for 10psi factory boost models, even the addictively targeting map1 is a little too aggressive for M2. You will need a custom absolute targeting map6 doing a 17psi middle range (2psi over stock "overboost" state) and 14-15psi at redline depending on your octane. IC upgrade in any case is a must have, DP not so much, believe me. You'll be faster than most ECU flash. Good luck!


Hey Sean. This is really great info. So you are running a JB4 with a custom map. You did however upgrade your IC? Why is that so important? What did you use and did you change it yourself?
Love to know the difference in your experience with the car before and after your tune. Greg

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