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Originally Posted by supsup View Post
Haha. Here goes another “I could have bought a new M2 for less than MSRP” unicorn slayer. There are die hard BMW enthusiasts over at the M2 forum from the US who can’t get a penny off. But ol “ASAP” the casual M2 shopper/hater apparently had offers thrown at him - “please take this car”

I guess it’s better than the other person who told me “They are all over the auctions going for $40k!” Until I checked Manheim reports to show him that 3 17s had been sold EVER at pretty close to MSRP.

The F80/F82 on the other hand can be had lightly used at a 25% discount. I’m about to pull the trigger on a 16 ZCP in the mid 50s. I’d pretty much pay the same for a 16 M2 right now.

Not really understanding all the hate for the car. It seems like every auto journalist calls it the best M car currently being made. But every M3/M4/235/240 owner is butt hurt and quick to slam it any chance they get.

The car is polarizing for sure. So much so that people make up “way less than MSRP” stories to try and discredit.

Why can’t eveeyone just be happy with the purchase THEY made?
You've edited your comment now 4 times... you must be really mad about someone's opinion... now why aren't you getting this awesome M2? Ah, let me guess, size?