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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
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I get that the M2 is not a drag car... but that was without a doubt all around the least impressive M product that I have ever driven... so far it has been living on hype and will never match a 1M in my honest opinion...The M2 to me is a 235i with coilovers and an LSD.
Exactly, grossly overpriced for what you get.
You both are wrong actually.

The M2 is much better than the M235/'m240. Those are great cars with a great chassis also. The E30 M3 was not much faster than an E30 325is back in the day. The same is true today. The M car is the one to have.

@NickyC. You are really just trolling apparently. The M2 is one of the best automotive bargains in the marketplace right now.

I have two friends with Z4 M.

On both the street and track The 1M is quicker. Period. Not by a lot but it is. The M2 is quicker than the 1M. All three are very entertaining cars.

z4m has the most character.
1M is the wildest.
M2 is the *fastest*