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Nilglass "BAD ASS" glass cleaner

Many years ago, I grew frustrated trying to find decent glass cleaner products for the ultimate clear non-smear finish.

Having tried various glass cleaners, my firm favourite was AutoGlym's 'FAST GLASS'. It's a very good product and has always been my go to!

Unfortunately, when it came to ordering more I discovered there was a back order. So I decided to research temporary alternatives over at detailing world.

Those guys kept saying the same thing, "nilco nilglass" - so I took the chance.

I've never seen this product before, not online or in shops. It doesn't have any fancy bottle art, just straight to the point.

Two words, "Bad Ass". This thing makes cleaning glass effortless, it's amazing. I'm able to achieve awesome results in half the time it normally took with AutoGlym Fast Glass.

I'm can get the glass perfectly clean with fewer passes and zero smearing.

Here are some tips to get your glass looking perfect:

The Microfibre Towel:
+ Always use a CLEAN towel - (don't cheat here).
+ Fold the towel so that you have 4 quarters.
+ Use a quarter for each side of the car (glass).
+ Try to wipe the towel in one uniform direction, this will greatly reduce smears.

Glass Cleaner Product:
+ For the best results, use after you've washed the whole car.
+ Try to avoid cleaning the glass in direct sunlight. The heated glass will cause most of the chemicals to evaporate quickly.
+ Keep the bottle along with some clean MF in the trunk. It can be used to help lift fresh bird droppings.

This product impressed me enough to do this little write-up and share it, consider giving it a go if you're unhappy with your current glass cleaner.

Thanks for reading

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