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Originally Posted by BruceM View Post
Kept it in, with setting on Sport. If I futz with thing any more, it will be to take the spring out for a little more resistance. At least one other person on this board tried the Race setting, and the description wasn't so good. But the combination of the Sport setting and the built in stop really makes the pedal much more pleasant to operate.

As I've said, I'm also a fan of a SSK with this set-up. You really ought to try it.
So sport is the middle setting and standard the hole most away from the pedal?
I'm now driving without the spring, but want to test with the spring...I forgot which side goes up of the spring
Did you also haven to get used to the fact that the UCP clutch pedal is nog slightly lower then the brake pedal? Standard it used to be higher then the brake pedal and felt way to high when releasing the clutch. With the clutch stop in place it is a really short throw clutch....

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