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Originally Posted by Franzino View Post
It was also a really difficult decision for me...and I also tested both cars. I doubted it almost till the day my M2 was delivered. But in the end I thought that over time a manual gearbox would keep me longer entertained even if it makes the car slower. The manual for me is also more fun and more engaging... something that fits well with the M2. Time will tell if I made the right choice, but for now I'm happy with the manual even with the clutch feeling not being the greatest.
The manual gearbox of the M2 feels that it is designed for people who are not used to driving manuals and IMO it's not the greatest manual gearbox…in standard form. The M2 clutch pedal is somewhat sticky (and slow) when you want to release it fast, when going full throttle and wanting to change up gears. The pedal travel is also very long (and soft) with not a lot of feel and comes really high when you release the clutch (a clutch stop can not cure this). IMO it's a big difference with my Z4M and for me the "standard" clutch feel of M2 is the only relative downside that is worth mentioning about the car. I tested two other M2’s with manual gearbox and they all have the same clutch feeling, so it’s designed this way and not a fault on my car.

I got somewhat used to it after driving the M2 for 2.500km and I can certainly live with it, but for me it was the only thing they could actually improve on the car…..and I did improve it on my car! After 3.500km I fitted the UCP replacement clutch pedal and it made everything I did not like about the standard M2 clutch go away. This modification is cheap and gives a night and day difference on how the M2 clutch feels. I love it and love my M2 even more