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Originally Posted by DTNJNQ View Post
I had a test drive in the DCT. In Auto mode it was very disappointing. Worse than my auto tiptronic Subaru. Gears where changing too early and it never seemed to be it the right gear. In manual mode the gear changes were fast and the car was much better to drive. Even though it was great to drive in manual mode I didn't enjoy it as much as driving my manual 135i. To me there was not too much difference between the DCT and a good tiptronic auto gear box.

I bought the 6mt and I've now had it for a week. I am happy I chose the manual. Now that I have driven both, for me there is no comparison between the DCT and the 6MT. I enjoy driving witn a 6mt as I feel more connected and more in control the car. I've got no complaints with the 6MT in the M2. Yes the clutch travel could be shorter however I'm used to it now. I will probably do the clutch stop mod that I also have on my 135i.
Two words for you: track mode