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Originally Posted by pruettfan
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I am # 1 on a Massachusetts dealers list who told me they wanted $5K over MSRP in January but would assess the market when the allocation came in and they want $5K over sticker now. I have other options, but this is my local dealer and I have bought 3 cars from them or their progeny. I don't want to name them presently hoping they do the right thing. Are other dealers in the Northeast asking for over MSRP or are they an outlier?
When I learned my local dealer was doing the markup greed game I sent an email to the GM and said I would love to buy my M2 locally so I could establish a relationship with your dealership and my community would benefit from my sales tax dollars however their decision to take short term profits will force me to go to California for my M2. Shortly after he said he would give me their next allocation for MSRP (they did not start a list on this car). Might try something like that.
Go to California? Good luck! Most dealerships here are selling over msrp.