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Originally Posted by CityLife View Post
100% agree with the fact that not everyone values the same things. I guess for someone like me who values the price paid/deal over any personal relationship with a dealer, familiarity, etc I personally wouldn't rule out a dealership completely due to emotion. I see the sales people only when I need to buy a car, not on a daily basis. BMW FS visits my checking account every month on the other hand.
What you say makes total sense. I've found if you have a relationship, it's easier to get a good price that everyone is happy with. Obviously price is most important and if that relationship guy doesn't offer as good of a price as the other guy down the street, you know I'm going to the other guy down the street but I'm giving my relationship guy the opportunity to match.

Out of principle, though, I won't do business with dealers charging markup. There's tons of other dealers I can go to that won't do it and I'm voting with my wallet, however small, that I won't stand for it.

An example of relationships, btw, is my sales guy is going to knock off close to 10% on M performance parts if I get them port installed. Basically invoice on them, give or take.