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Originally Posted by CityLife View Post
You can't really say the dealership is not worth ever doing business with just because they are charging a premium. I don't think it is logical to blacklist a dealership for life because they are asking for a premium on one particular car at a particular point in time, just like I don't think it always makes sense to stay loyal to the same salesperson. I was able to secure an F80 M3 via Euro Delivery at Euro Delivery invoice from the same dealer/sales manager that is currently asking for $5k mark ups on the M2. Just keep in mind that a lot of the time it is the individual salesperson, the GM/Sales Manager's current plan, and numerous other factors that constantly change due to market conditions that affect each dealership differently and therefore affects the types of deals they are willing to do at a certain time. However, I do understand there are dealers such as Rusnak in Thousand Oaks that are notorious for throwing insulting numbers at people with even more insulting lies spewed as justification no matter the condition of the local market.
Sure you can. Everyone has their own values and what they will tolerate. If ADM is insulting to them, they have every right to never do business with that dealer. I sure wouldn't do business with a dealer selling cars for a markup and especially for non limited production vehicles. They want to make a quick buck rather than have me come back for every car I buy of that particular make? By all means. But they won't ever have my business.

Just ask all the Ford dealers now calling me about a GT350 they charged 5-15k over 6 months ago. I'm the one laughing at them now, instead of the other way around.