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Walked in for MG and came out with LBB

So since deciding that the M2 was my next choice of car I was only seeing Long beach blue online and reviews also. Was so desperate to see it in Grey and although I am a grey car man I wasn't convinced with Mineral grey. A space grey maybe but even so I was still not 100% on LBB, I felt I would get bored of it or at times wish it was a different colour.
So finally got the call from Stephen James informing me of a cancelation and a build delivery date of last part of 2016.

Went convinced for a Mineral grey with sunroof and electric seats and Harmon Kardon plus a few more bits. Pulled up to dealership and there was the most amazing Turquoise colour I've seen on a car. I mean it was spot on and gorgeous . Nothing like the pictures of online. All you see s blue where as in the flesh theres a hint of Green creating the most Gorgeous Turquoise and due to the fact it earns and warrants such a stand alone colour.....I ordered it that .LONG BLEACH BLUE it is !!!

Love it.

Question, does comfort/sport/sport plus modes change suspension settings or is it purely starring and throttle response?

See you all at the meets !