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Originally Posted by plina
I live in NYC and I am not as rich as some of you guys. Free maintenance and peace of mind means a lot to me, I have a 2010 535 and during the first 4 years I had two brake jobs and that would have been close to a $4000 hit. living in NYC is not easy on the brakes. I am not like many of you guys I am a working stiff who likes his cars and i plan my payments and the rest of my bills. I cannot say hey I'm willing to spend $4000 more on brake jobs and no matter how good a negotiator you are like a lot say here you cannot make that money.
What really hurts me is that BMW by doing this I see a downgrade in their products. Their free maintenance was got them the sales records not the enthusiasts. Most people who drive BMW never try to find out what the cars can do, they want the status symbol with free maintenance. And basically since 2008 BMW has been making a lousy handling car they have made them soft compare to the M cars, and in NYC it would be stupid to own one with the potholes. So I'm going looking around and i might drop by my local church and light a candle, hopefully BMW will see all the pissed off people and try to fix this.
I agree with you for 100%!

I live in NYC too, and my breaks rotors+ pads has been replaced 1,5 year of ownership on my 2014 535i, at 12k miles on the dash my car started vibrating during breaking on freeways so they had to replace whole thing.
One of the main reasons i have purchased bmw over benz or audi is Free maintenance program because i knew that every year or two it needs break job done!
I'm defiantly sure their sales numbers will drop.