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Past experience.

8 or so years ago, I walked in to buy a car during the weekend and because the banks aren't usually open they gave me a certain percentage of APR a good deal at the time. Agreed upon a price with the contingency of waiting for financing approval. Late Monday night they call me and say they have to rework the deal because the financing is different. I'm immediately not happy as they are being not forthcoming about what the changes are.

So Tuesday morning I go to my local credit union with all the information of the car I purchased two days prior. I get a better deal and call the dealership and have them send all the information to the credit union. 30 minutes later I walked out with a check for the agreed upon purchase price of the car from the initial purchase. Walked in with the money at the dealer Tuesday afternoon, had them send all the appropriate paper work to my credit union and walked out.

TLDR: Agreed upon purchase price and contingent financing from dealer, didn't like what they were trying to pull two days later. Contacted local credit union, got better deal. Returned to dealer with check in hand, walked out, not financing with the dealer.

Good luck, everyone's experiences are different there are details I've missed but the major points are there.