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Originally Posted by BentZero View Post
Has someone actually done the math to see what the average cost of the reduced maintenance coverage will be to the consumer?

Some have. Answer depends on if you need new brakes in that 4th year. If so, it could be as much as $1,400 if you include the other maintenance items in that 4th year that are now included for free.

I don't usually need brakes that soon so my number is probably closer to $300. Even if it were $1,400, I spent 8 times that difference just in upgrades on my current BMW. I'm not going to let $1,400 dictate which car I buy if that's the car I want otherwise; especially when those other cars I might consider don't have free maintenance either. And besides, we can always use this BMW marketing blunder as negotiating leverage and make it a sporting contest on our next purchase.