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Originally Posted by Haywood View Post
The 1M was a one off car and the S55 wasn't in production. I understand what you're saying, but to me it's about buying the best of what the new engine technology and advances have been. The S55 is a pretty amazing engine and is completely new using better engine design vs. the N54/N55. I don't think it will hurt the M3/M4 sales as there is a different buyer of a 2 series vs. a 3/4 series.
I know it's been said a lot around here - they wouldn't want to hurt sales of the M3/M4, but let's put it into perspective: they might produce 10,000 for the US over the next few years. Translation: they could put the M5 engine in there and it wouldn't hurt M3/M4 sales. People will try to buy one, not be able to because daddy fat sacks is willing to line a sales person's pockets with an extra $5,000 over MSRP and everyone else will have to go buy an M3 anyway.

The S55 could cause the price to go up... in theory anyway. I am still curious to see what this car prices at, but the M2 is just going to be the M235i of your dreams. Kind of... except you can't get it in Sahkir Orange or Monte Carlo Blue. :P