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Originally Posted by z3papa View Post
Phil -- the M2 can definitely get it done in BS and there are rumblings of moving the Tesla although it has not been out for comment but is "subject to be monitored". David M. is very fast in both cars. Get the right front bar and pay the price. Dinan worked wonders for me on my now departed M3. Get 18 wheels. Consumables cost less, the tires clear easier which means you can fit wider. Yoko's are the trick. Nat's are held in Lincoln not Toledo. You're showing your age. Nice to see you post. I'm now in a CTR and will be in Lincoln next year in DS.
OHI We're debating a run to nats this year. Lots of things to weigh with that trip. Dixie will set the tone. Disappointed that Charlotte isn't on the calendar this year but I'm debating Bristol and Peru as an excuse to get back up there to see folks just like yourself!

Now that the Tesla was bumped out to SS, FS, and DS, the M2 still seems like the right car to have nationally.

I'm hearing more and more about the yoko's... are they really that much better than the RE71s? I've been very happy with the RE71s so far.

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