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Originally Posted by Megator View Post
I dont have more camber, and the size is a bit irrelevant seing as different tires have different real world sizes.

The OEM star spec PSS tires are a 20 - 30 mm narrower at the tread than indicated. The NS2R is only 10 mm narrower but very very square with a 5 mm radius between the tread and sidewall. check this link out under specs. You will see the same "size" tire has different physical dimensions.

The sidewalls are pretty much flush with the arches

Ah I forgot about your brakes. Can you measure the clearance you need? then I can possibly double check. ie min interior dia of the wheel.
So today I tried 513M 18x10 and its same story like M4 GT4 spec 763M (18x11), they fit but just about 1mm soace between rim and caliper