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Originally Posted by widetyres View Post
Having run the stage 2 91 map for a little while now (using decent 99ron fuel) I can actually say that I much prefer it over 93 map.

There is much more shove down low and it pulls really well to 6k. Sure it tapers off above that, but it's so well delivered before then that I honestly don't mind.

As I mentioned before, it feels much more like a turbo'd car compared to the 93 map, but in a good/fun way.

Imo it feels like there is slightly less lag. And certainly on the motorway the torque in 5th and 6th is noticeably stronger in the mid range, and I find I'm down shifting less.

Also, since moving to the 93 map with fresh ps4s, the engine couldn't really over power the tyre's grip, even on damp roads. However, the stg 2 91 map can very easily spin the rears if asked to.

Highly recommend giving it a try, even if you don't have octane issues.
We're you comparing stage 2 91 vs 93? Would be curious to see the difference between stage 1 93 and stage 2 91