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Originally Posted by Bee Pee View Post

As Sean says already, logs look OK.

How does the car feel / drive between 91Oct and 93Oct maps ?

What fuel do you fill up with ?


Thanks for reviewing.

TBH, I wasn’t that worried about the 93 logs, as they are only slight drops and I guessed that there would be headroom. But Anthony was also having issues so I started to wonder about it more, and these things start to work on your mind if you don’t have all the facts to dismiss them!!!

I have checked my logs more thoroughly and the timing is all fine with only minor adjustments really, not like Anthony’s that are moving around a lot towards the top end.

Most logs are on 99 Shell V Power. On stage 2, I'm having none of the knocking issues I was having with stage 1 on SVP.

Logs are here (I would jump to the last pull/peak rev set in each)
Full stage 2 91 log is here: (forgot to turn off DSC in this one)
Full stage 2 93 log is here:

I have only driven the car briefly as stage 2 91. There is a big surge in the mid-range compared to 93, which can be seen in the charts (see revs silhouette), but it tails off sooner at the top end. My immediate thoughts were that the 91 map feels more like a turbo car – lots down lower in the revs, with not so much up top. The smoother building 93 map feeling more like NA in comparison, which seems happier to be at higher revs.

I will stick with the 91 map for a bit and see how I like it. I will also do some identical pulls and compare the times (when I did that for Stage 1 91 vs 93, the 93 map was only 0.05 seconds faster = nothing in real terms!).

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