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Originally Posted by SeanWRT View Post
Rail pressure drop was already there since a decade ago. There is a general acceptance standard of how low FPH(one of useful jb4 readings) can go with no issue established in the JB4 world. Above 2kpsi(13+) do not meet the threshold.

A lot of things that doesn't meet target are not a problem. In some cases, it's even how it's designed, for example, top end post throttle boost.

As human nature goes, you want to see everything perfectly in check but that's not the case with N55, or you leave too much on table to be happy with. There're priorities and trade offs here.

In your case, if there is ever an issue, it's the octane. The ignition timing constantly corrects under extremely cool IAT, which is a warning, at least to me. The fact you paid for 93OCT map doesn't mean the gas you use is up to the task. Do a search and you'll know what I mean.

I do not want to go into more basics, and certainly nor am I paid for that. Even PTF guys do not need to tell you more than what you need to do with "your problem", not how you properly read your log. However I understand your frustration not having someone follow up your concern from logs. In the end log is big part of fun with BM3 platform.

If you have the log or error shared of the limp mode, maybe there would be more to discuss outside of octane.

Haha, caught my post before I edited it. I removed the limp mode part because I don't have proof it was related to the tune and didn't want to muddy the convo. And I used it as a "if there is nothing wrong then why did my car go into limp mode" as some "i told you so thing" Which wasn't right.

I also found this post from PTF about what to look for in fuel readings. Though it's for the N54, it shed some more light on things for me.

My fault and thank you for being cool about it in your response, Sean.
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